Resident Onboarding

Residents can perform evaluation under the supervision of an experienced clinician in a preceptorship model.

You can find a full description of how we operate here. You will also find answers to some FAQs from new clinicians below. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us


Onboarding with us is a simple three step process.  Please complete all sections on this page in order to be registered to volunteer with our clinic. 

Step 1: Basic Information

This form provides us with some general information to help match you with evaluations that are the most appropriate for you.

Step 2: PHR Registration

In order to perform evaluations with us, you must register with PHR’s Asylum Network. Clicking the button above will direct you to the Asylum Network Application on PHR's website. When completing this application, be sure that you write "I will be volunteering with the DGSOM Asylum Clinic" in the “Please describe any relevant/related training or experience with forensic evaluations” section. Learn More…

Resident FAQ’s

1. How do I prepare for the evaluation?

Before the evaluation you will review the client’s statement and discuss the case with your supervising clinician to formulate an approach to the interview and examination.  You will also have a call with the client’s lawyer to review the details of the case and discuss any questions you may have.

2. What happens during the evaluation?

The evaluation is conducted using a preceptorship model:

  • The supervising clinicians is present for introductions, then typically steps out of the room

  • You interview the client, taking breaks intermittently (~every 45 minutes) to discuss progress/challenges with the supervising clinician outside the room

  • The supervising clinician returns at the end of the interview to clarify any outstanding questions

  • You lead the examination with the supervising clinician present to minimize the burden on client

  • You administer a continuity of care assessment for the DGSOM Asylum Clinic and close the encounter

3. What happens after the evaluation?

  • You write the first draft of the affidavit

  • You work with the supervising clinician to revise the affidavit

  • The supervising clinician signs the affidavit (licensed residents may co-sign), submits it to the attorney and securely uploads it through our website.

4. How many cases can I expect to perform?

Right now we are expanding rapidly and our goal is to have everyone perform 1-3 cases in their first year. However, this is highly contingent on both individual availability and the volume of cases we receive from PHR and from our legal partners directly.