Our Research

Research is an essential component of our work. The population which we serve is severely underrepresented in the literature and research is needed both to understand the needs of this population as well as act as the basis for advocacy around issues of human rights and immigration. Research also provides a wonderful learning opportunity to our medical students to help them more deeply under the issues on which we work and explore areas that they are interested in.


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The Los Angeles Human Rights Initiative Asylum Clinic: Founding, Operations, and Future

By: Simon Levinson1†, Sophia Taleghani1†, Jiyoung Lee1, Fangning Gu1, Regina Husman1, Mehar Maju2, Emily Chu1, Eleanor Emery MD3, Adam Richards MD, PhD, MPH4

1.UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, 2.UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, 3.UCLA Health, 4.UCLA General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research, †These authors contributed equally to this work


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Assessing Changes in Knowledge and Attitudes Among Participants of a Forensic Medical Evaluation Training

By: Mehar Maju1 *, Jiyoung Lee2 *, Fangning Gu2, Sophia Taleghani2, Simon Levinson2, Regina Husman2, Emily Chu2, Eleanor Emery MD3, Adam Richards MD, PhD, MPH4

1. UCLA Fielding School of Public Health 2. UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine 3. UCLA Health 4. UCLA General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research