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Introduction to Medical Evaluation of Asylum Seekers

DATE:  Saturday 09/28/2019

TIME: 8:30 am - 4 pm

ADDRESS: UCLA Geffen Hall B36


Thank you for your interest in this training session on conducting forensic medical evaluations for individuals seeking asylum in the U.S. hosted by the LA Human Rights Initiative and the OVMC Human Rights Clinic.


This specialized training will include:

 - An overview of the operations of the PHR Asylum Network

 - An introduction to asylum law and updates on new legislation impacting asylum applicants

 - The foundations of scientifically-based forensic evidence collection and documentation

 - Basic and advanced interviewing techniques with asylum clients

 - Detailed instruction on how to conduct physical and psychological evaluations and document the sequelae of torture and other forms of persecution

 - An overview of the U.S. immigration detention system and a discussion on issues affecting the health of detained immigrants

 - The content of the training is derived from the Istanbul Protocol, PHR’s training manual and the experts own experiences.


 The training is open to everyone. After completing this training, licensed clinicians will be qualified to conduct forensic asylum evaluations within the PHR Asylum Network through a PHR-affiliated clinic (such as LAHRI or OVMC Human Rights Clinic) or independently. Students studying in clinical fields and clinicians that are not yet licensed will be qualified to observe and assist with evaluations through one of our PHR-affiliated clinics.


A light breakfast, refreshments, and lunch will be provided.

More details coming soon.