Asylum Clinic Leadership Structure

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Clinic Chief (2)

  • Oversee all aspects of the initiative

  • Significant time commitment

  • Work directly with faculty advisors and attending all meetings/phone calls with administration

  • Must have experience (other position) within clinic

  • Must be an MS2

Events Director (1)

  • Plan the annual asylum training

  • Organize the monthly board meeting and bimonthly clinic outreach events

  • Plan the annual fundraising with the USC Keck Human Rights Group

Treasurer (1)

  • Manage everything $$ related

  • Balance the account

  • Keep track of the clinic funding

  • Oversee all purchases

Research Director (1-2)

  • Develop research projects for posters and publications

  • Attend the annual free clinic poster fair at DGSOM

  • Connect with PHR for potential research projects

  • Design the post and pre-training evaluations for research purposes

  • Collect finished affidavits and design protocols to extract meaningful information for research use

Clinic Operation Directors (2): 

(Completion of an asylum training is required for this position)

  • Note: This position will be given to experienced Case Managers and Case Schedulers. Please apply to be a Case Manager or Case Scheduler first if you are interested in this position. Application to this position will be open to active Case manager and Case Scheduler in February.

  • Improve the scheduling process and the continuity of care protocol

  • Coordinate and manage the clinic space

  • Arrange parking reimbursements

  • Develop fund for patient urgent medical needs

  • Lead a team of case managers and case schedulers

Case Schedulers and Managers

The case managers and case schedulers play a vital role in clinical operations and are in direct contact with our clients and network. Student leaders in other leadership positions are encouraged to take on these roles concurrently. These positions will be open again after the Sept 22nd training to all the student attendees.

Case managers and case schedulers are eligible to apply for Clinic Chief or Clinic Operations Directors roles in the next application cycle.

Case Scheduler

  • Coordinate with the clinicians, the lawyers and the clients to decide evaluation date, time and location. Keep track of the case completion and collect affidavits.

Public Relations Director

  • Maintain website

  • Write regular blog posts on current asylum events

  • Post public announcements

  • Manage listserv

  • Outreach and manage local business partnerships

  • Represent DGSOM Asylum Clinic by attending various outreach events

  • Design logo and other marketing tools for the clinic

Advocacy Director (1)

  • Connect with other student clinics and PHR to collaborate on advocacy efforts

  • Draft petition letters (past example, the letter to condemn Jeff Session's denial of domestic violence as grounds for asylum)

  • Organize rallies (current example, rallies for Rohingya genocide)

  • Connect with AMA, AMSA and other students orgs for advocacy collaborations

  • Work with the Events Director to organize outreach film screening and special topic talks

  • Submit and present at the LA Global Health Conference and other conferences